Team Glass and Nails cycling Safety course


*Team Glass and Nails* is an amateur cycling team based in San Luis Obispo, California. Our main focus is to make cycling safer. It is a community of accountability for both the cyclist AND the car driver

Our message is simple - 

"Hey guys, there's glass and nails in our bike lane - that's why we aren't riding to the far right."

As we noticed an ever increasing number of aggressive drivers, we tuned in, and noticed something: 

We discovered that drivers are simply unaware of how much junk gets swept into the bike lane. The consistent frustration deriving from feeling squeezed by the double yellow line, confused by the *3 foot* law, and being offended by cyclist's arrogance, is simply due to a lack of understanding each other's perspective!


 "Why aren't those darn two wheelers riding to the far right?"


"Why are those cars so angry at us all of the time?"


We set out to learn what's at the hub of this *Car-Cycle Communication* issue. 

What we learned about drivers:

1: Not being aware of how easy a cyclist can get a flat tire.

2: Not being aware of how much junk is actually in the biker's lane.

3: The level of uncertainty a driver possesses when passing a cyclist.

What we learned about cyclists:

1: How blissfully invincible cyclists *THINK* they are.

2: How ineffective current communication with car drivers really is.

3: How cyclists are viewed from the actual driver position of a car.


1: Don't communicate blindly, connect with the eyes.

2: Talk with your body, not with your middle finger.


1: 20 years riding road bikes, weightlifting, running, and swimming.

2: 4 years bike racing, competitive style fitness training.

3: Exposure, training, and coaching by development coaches, bike fitting masters, and race strategists.

4: Exposure to nutrition fundamentals.

5: Countless hours of research, focus groups, and beta-test subjects.

Be Interesting, be interested - It truly is the heartbeat of connections.


"C3" Course

*Car-Cyle Communication Course* (C3 Course) is designed to help road cyclists navigate traffic in a safer way. 

There are many unseen hazards of the road invisible to the driver. On the flip side, there are many uncertainties cyclists are blind to as well.

We are here to help both sides understand how to effectively share the road - not just say the words.


"2/1" Fitness Rhythm

*2 days on / 1 day off* is an effective fitness schedule today's person is able to sustain. The reason why this specific fitness formula works is because of the flexibility it allows you to have. Can you believe that you can reach your fitness goals with a simple plan like this?

In short: We make fitness fun, approachable, and personal. We advise listening to your body, and we motivate with suggestions, not just *program* you through to your fitness goals.


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team glass and nails bike jersey for safety

Get me a vest!

Are you a Licensed Trainer?

How will this help?

Vests are awarded upon completion of the *C3 Course*

This TEAM GAN VEST helps drivers distinguish the properly trained *Car-Cycle Communication* (C3) cyclists from those who haven't yet been trained.

Motorists who complete driver's course will be awarded a distinguished TEAM GAN bumper sticker to display completion of the *C3 Course*

training with team glass and nails

How will this help?

Are you a Licensed Trainer?

How will this help?

Cycling isn't like other sports. Not only is it a way to get strong, fit, and healthy, but  it's also a way to commute to work, a friend's house, or even to the grocery store.

Unlike most sports, cycling intertwines with society, people's busy schedules, and the overall rush of today's economy.

We are here to make a community who understands this collaborative effort to communicate better. We are here to ask for cleaner roads, friendlier drivers, and most of all, safer cycling.


Are you a Licensed Trainer?

Are you a Licensed Trainer?

Are you a Licensed Trainer?

Simple Answer: 


Here's why:

We are here to instill a fitness attitude. Most of our issues with fitness isn't a lack of knowledge, but simply a lack of understanding the knowledge we have already read online! 

We want to create a community of cyclists who wish to integrate cycling into their already busy schedule. Our knowledge we provide is simply just sharing what we've discovered over the past 20 years of riding.