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TRAIN VISUALLY's *Sensory Awareness Marketing Method* (SAMM) is a new approach designed to teach business owners and employees how to tap into personal/communal *sensory awareness* resources in order to create better marketability, smoother integrated operations, and empowering development. This is designed with the intent to educate business owners and employees about better ways of communicating their message.


Here at TRAIN VISUALLY we believe that every employee deserves the chance to be introduced to business operations basics, leadership wisdom, skill-set development, and product knowledge - in a fun, sustainable, and uniquely experiential method. SAMM is unique because it brings actual meaning to employees’ role to their is no longer a term meant for the Chief Marketing Officer. At TRAIN VISUALLY, it's the responsibility of each and every member of the business. SAMM brings a map to the business owner/manager as well as it’s employees. It creates better systems, more sustainable operations, and a controlled growth pattern conducive to the modern business.


Over the last 15 years, we have observed (and engaged in) thousands of transactions. Whether it's been an employee, a customer, or a bystander, observing and absorbing has been the ultimate common denominator. We have observed:

 1: Engaged employees become disengaged

2: Systems have been designed with an imbalanced E=E.

3: Managers and Business owners become jaded with constant employee turnover.

4: Customers treating managers and employees poorly.

5: An environment designed to handicap rather than to empower.

SAMM training incorporates the *E=E* mentality into it's program. 

We Use:

 1: Variations of visualization

2: Beta-test approaches

3: Experiential centered designs catered to entry level employees

What this means is, we teach a great framework the owner/manager can add to, and build upon for their organization - and their employees. In turn, the employees become more empowered, motivated, and engaged - leading them to give you better suggestions, ideas, and execution.

Be Interesting, be interested - It truly is the heartbeat of connections.

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Employees are the life of our businesses, and the proprietors of its evolution. Without their input, energy, and enthusiasm, your business will slowly die. As much as we value profitability, sustainability, and innovation, inception of new ideas require collaboration and effective input from the right employees. We help you select, and train your employees to help your business grow - not just do their job.

DOES THIS actually help?



The business owner is like a warrior. Faced with multiple emergencies, possible shutdowns, and unclear futures, it takes a certain mentality to endure this specific type of stress. We all know the sacrifices business owners must make to ensure solvency - and we'd like to help. Sometimes the market has shifted, and sometimes the market needs to shift. Either way, we're here to craft your future WITH you.

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Who's your core market?


Our core market is primarily *small businesses* who are looking for precise marketing, sustainable operations, effective training - and are enthusiastic for growth.

Our specialty is primarily: Food & Beverage (restaurant, coffee shop, cafe, bar/lounge).

Other markets also include: Retail, small unique startups...and online *thought driven* blogs.

Why you?

Anton Nicola Train Visually

One Word - *precision*

We craft every business individually. We look for a business we like, and see if they like us. We develop relationships that are conducive to not only profitability, but also your personal goals. We’ve discovered that most of the time, it's simply just a combination of small issues preventing you from your desired growth - or making you work harder than you need to.

We personally ensure you are 100% satisfied - in the beginning, middle...and on-going!

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We integrate a Sensory Awareness Marketing Method (SAMM) in a way that even the most entry level employee will feel comfortable contributing to.

Our crafted, individually structured business plans derive from a lot of questions, multi day/week observations, and a thorough analysis of financial return on investment.

We are here to be precise with your business - not  just tell you to *be* something.