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ENERGY = EFFECTIVENESS (E=E) is a verb, an action, and a consistent awareness of growth. It defines the term “balance” in a controlled movement perspective rather than an *end goal*.

E=E is the compass inside of each and every one of us designed to direct our paths. It's the first tool we can use to energize *or change* the direction we are headed. It's a concept so engrained into every human alive - but has long been forgotten as new technology has come into existence.

E=E is a concept that is as much personal as it is universal. When practiced correctly, you make different choices, think differently, talk differently, and ultimately - have a different type of fulfillment than what we were once taught.


I was born in a Russian orphanage in 1987. Like a Giraffe forces it's young to walk upon birth, so was I forced to tap into my senses for guidance and survival. Since the date of my personal inception, I've had snippets of enlightenment, and countless "aha's". I've asked questions, and I've challenged answers. I've taken the risk to challenge the status quo - and I've eaten "humble pie" when I was wrong.


Over the past 20 years (yes, since I was 12), I have asked questions deriving from one BOLD STATEMENT - "I want to work on the biggest thing in existence." Little did I know that the biggest thing has sent me on a quest for fulfillment, satisfaction, and understanding what this universe is all about.

By immersing myself in many different environments, and saying "YES" to risks, I've slowly put together my interpretation of "what it's all about". This process has changed my view of everything and everyone. It has redefined, transformed, and enlightened me in every aspect of my life.


I'm here to share with you this concept I've discovered so that you may experience it in YOUR unique way. I'm here to give you a framework that's a little different than mainstream. I'm here to help you be happier, more content, and more effective with your energy you put out.


I translate what we've been taught into something more palatable and actionable. I do this through translating cognitive knowledge into sensory absorption. Sometimes it's about scaling it down to a human level, and other times it's about scaling the human level to a massive existence. My main goal is to help you see "MOVEMENT" enough to start feeling your senses respond to the concept.


What's more effective? 

  • 4 years of intense education through an esteemed university followed by turning off the "curiosity switch"?
  • 20 years of a constant flowing river of knowledge from engaging in dynamic environments?

I chose the latter, because I couldn't handle the former. I've spent thousands of hours engaged in reading books, watching TED talks, tuning into panel discussions, actually trying out college(2 years), formal (multiple) job trainings, and intense personal research. Most of all, I've deliberately placed myself in new situations for the sake of experiential training. Not only would I work as a barista at Starbucks, but I would actually do observational research to challenge the status quo of the operations. Learning by immersion is how I was able to step out side the box to find "The movement of the biggest thing in existence."

If it's one thing that'll change your approach to life RIGHT NOW, it's this:

Be Interesting, be interested - It truly is the heartbeat of connections.

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sensory awareness train visually approach

The *Sensory Approach* is part of the equation derived from the E=E concept. In our programs, you will learn how to utilize this visual equation in a way you can apply it to your life, business, and goals from a *sensory* approach (as you can see, this suggests an interconnected fluid like flow to this awareness). 

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mechanical train visually e=e

The *Mechanical Approach* is part of the equation derived from the E=E concept. In our programs, you will learn how to utilize this visual equation in a way you can apply it to your life, business, and goals from a *mechanical* approach (as you can see, this perspective allows you to see how things interconnect using categories, and a more mechanical structure).

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Are you some kind of "Guru"

e=e faq

E=E is not intended to be all knowing. It simply is an adjustment to your mentality. As simple as this concept is, putting it to action requires some help - sort of like a personal trainer and collaboration combination. It's designed to extract YOUR personal desires, while at the same time offering, and adjusting the best rhythm for YOU.

What kinds of people do you work with?


Clients come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and experiences. The main common denominator is a longing for something different. Most clients tend to find us when they are frustrated with their jobs, personal relationships, and personal goals. These clients are at the place in their lives to WANT something different. 

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How is your coaching style different?

e=e faq

People who choose an E=E Rhythm approach choose it because it's a unique approach to personal balance. The major reason this approach is the most helpful is because it focuses on YOU, and what YOUR paradise feels like. I'm just simply here to help you see, and follow a rhythmic *dance* to YOUR life.